De 10e lichting

Encounters with young designers.
10 stories about 400 students, designed in 10 years.

The education programme Industrial Product Design at Howest exists 13 years.
13 years, it may seem as a strange number, but concretely it means that Howest has offered young potentials to the labour market for over 10 years. From a 29 year old who started a factory in Shanghai over a designer who designs objects with recovered material to a young power who was trained early on in the design team of lingerie Vandevelde. The graduates of Industrial Product Design are over 400 now.
Friday night 30th of Octobre 2015, the book ‘X’ will be presented, together with the ceremony of the OVAM ecodesign award. The expo and the book portray how young people make a difference and succeed in the creative making industry nowadays.

Discover works and products of following alumni in the exposition:
Annelies Sierens, material expert at lingerie manufacturer Van de Velde
Arthur Limpens, founderAllocacoc
Giel Dedeurwaerder, founder studioruben
Julie Wyseur, founder own handbaglabel
Jeff Stubbe, product manager at Grada International
Kevin Durant, R&D engineer at Novy
Kevin Van Extergem, R&D and design engineer at Manutti
Lukas Costeur & Gaetan Kerckhove, product designers at PiliPili
Pieter Stichelbaut, manager Innodux
Ruth Decorte, product designer at Metafox
Matthias Willockx, R&D engineer at Recticel
Sep Verboom, manager Boomin Sep